Website redesign!

We’re currentlty working on several patches and updates for our latest games, so we thought that it was a great time to do a big revamp of the Milkstone website!

Our game list has been growing bigger and bigger and the good ol’ game list needed a design change. We’ve opted for a more visual style, because most of the time, visitors just want to see how out games look (and I think they look pretty damn good :D).

The old forum has been completely scrapped and replaced with a brand new one. Apart from being simpler and easier to use, it should get rid of the tons of spam posts we got, so we’re really pleased with the change.

We’re still tinkering with some little issues here and there, but the site is mostly finished. We hope you like it and find it easier on the eyes! And if that’s not the case, just tell us! Now is the perfect time so make changes.

Oh! and Merry Christmas!

  • kasasensei says:

    Hello Milkstone!
    Nice redesign for your website! 🙂
    Merry Christmas to the team!

  • Hayden Allred says:

    I personally find the white to be hard on my eyes :/

  • Soy1Bonus says:

    White only annoys me if I’m not in a well-lit room, otherwise it’s fine.

    Do you change skins on other sites or something? I’m really curious, because my most visited sites (google, wikipedia, youtube) are usually white :O