Avatar Farm Online 1.2 update released!

Avatar Farm Online 1.2 update has been released! You will be asked to download the updated version next time you start the game.

It features the following changes:

  • New items and features:
    • Animal truck and power animal truck.
    • Level 3 trucks, with 3x more fuel.
    • Turnip (Lvl 2 plant) and Venus Fly trap (Lvl 20 plant)
    • New unlockable items for the last Milkstone Studios Game (White Noise: A tale of Horror)
    • 4 New item shops: Egg shop, Milk shop, Dried fruit shop, Hamburger cart
    • New building category: Wonders
      • Wonders are impressive buildings that require time and lots of money to be completed. Their upgrade level is added to your level on the highscore charts, and are great sources of money once finished.
  • Gameplay changes
    • Increased experience obtained when placing decorations
    • Greenhouse, Veg cart and Bakery give 2 cash instead of 1.
    • Increased Fruit stand required items to 15.
    • Recycling decorations and tools give back half the cash (instead of a small amount of coins).
    • Animals give resources when harvested.
  • Bugfixes and minor improvements:
    • Limited number of animals drawn to 400 (the game won’t crash when trying to show the global view of a farm full of animals).
    • Now an error while loading a farm is treated as a critical error (detailed info about the error is shown, and you can report it to us).
    • Left/Right trigger can be used to move up/down faster in the item shop.
  • Josh Brock says:

    I really love this game keep up the good work. but i wished you had a storage tab so we could put away some items. Also i wish we could move our items instead of having to sell and then re buy them. Other than that this is a great game. I really enjoy playing and also so do my friends. I talked about 10 of my friends in to buying this game. Thanks again for the time and love your game.

  • WaaghMan says:

    Storage tab: Very unlikely.

    But we may add some way of relocating buildings and decorations.

  • James says:

    X is recycle but couldn’t X be both recycle and move? when the player presses X they are givin an option to recycle or move

  • WaaghMan says:

    It could get in your way if you want to recycle many items at the same time (it’s already painful enough having to recycle trees one by one). I’m thinking on adding a modifier to the X button (LT+X) to move items, what do you think?

  • Mikey says:

    Like these guys said you should be able to move things instead of recycling them, also maybe an “Are you sure” prompt when recycling items wouldn’t go a miss. X to select then X again to sell, or A to move the item. Or you LT modifier would be good. Either way its an excellent game and a bargain at 80 msp.

  • James says:

    sounds good

  • Tempestdragon2 says:

    Been a fan since the 1st Avatar Farm came out, you guys are great at listening to suggestions and taking the best of those suggestions and applying them to the game, I love that.
    Keep up the great work, this is a great game and well worth the 80 msp.

    and Yes a way to move items would be awesome, couldn’t tell you how many millions of coins I’ve wasted re-arranging my farm. about 10 mill each time adds up quick.