Red Invasion: Blitzkrieg released and available for download!

Tower Defense, more and better! Protect your base by placing turrets and destroy incoming enemy forces! Use your resources wisely to achieve victory! The Blitzkrieg edition features more turret types and enemies than the original Red Invasion, and a total of 40 new missions that provide hours of enjoyment.

Download Red Invasion: Blitzkrieg by searching for it on the Bing bar from your Xbox, or by using this link:

  • HomiSite says:

    After two of the four campaigns it’s time for a litte feedback. Disclaimer: I know that “RI-TD:BK” 🙂 is more a stand-alone mission pack, not a real sequel, so my criticsm may be a little unfair.

    1. I don’t know if it is my experience from the first RI, but at least the first two campaign are with exception of two or three missions way to easy! Usually I got three stars totally safe in the first try.

    2. First I though you just change one or two towers, but now I got the “originals” back (cannon, antiair). I think the new towers make sense as variants, although I feel I didn’t need to really think about which towers I have to build until yet (usually I build a mix of all).

    3. I don’t use the Amplifier much, so haven’t much experience with it, but it would be cool, if towers within its range show their modified stats if you select them.

    4. A pity that you still can’t look up in the pause screen the requirements for all stars. And: When building new towers, especially the Energy one, it would be cool if the accumulative range of all built towers are shown.

    5. The new supply truck mechanic is a bit strange, I think. Your towers with splash damage hurt them, but you can’t really do something against it. And I think, usually all trucks survive nevertheless.

  • Soy1Bonus says:

    Yes, it was more of an expansion pack, so we didn’t want to change the gameplay too much.

    But if we make a proper sequel (and we would love to) we’ll try to address all your issues.

    And thanks for supporting us!