Play Little Racers STREET instantly thanks to OnLive!

Finally you can play Little Racers STREET on your computer thanks to the OnLive service! Create a FREE account (no credit card required) and launch the Little Racers STREET 30 minute trial right now!

With almost zero loading times, keyboard and Xbox 360 gamepad support, enjoy one of the finest 2D racing games ever!

And if you purchase the PlayPack Bundle you can play Little Racers STREET (and hundreds of other great titles) as much as you want!

  • shadow1w2 says:

    I used to do a podcast for the OnliveFans website.
    Its great to see the game make it to Onlive and all but quite a shame online play isn’t included.
    Thankfully I have this on my Xbox :3

    Did Onlive push you guys to take out online play? If so shame on them…. If not, well, I respect your choice, but please look into it. Online play in that game is just wonderful.

  • WaaghMan says:

    OnLive guys didn’t tell us anything about adding/removing online play. It’s just that we found that adding the matchmaking API would take up too much time, so we decided to wait until we get some usage reports on the platform.