Red Invasion: Tower Defense available now!

Our latest game, Red Invasion, is now available for download on the Xbox Indies Marketplace. You can download it directly to your xbox via this link.

You can get it as well by searching for “red invasion”,”milkstone”,etc. on the Bing bar in the Xbox dashboard.

Here is the debut trailer:

Red Invasion Debut Trailer

If you like the game, don’t forget to rate it on the Xbox Marketplace and help us spread the word! :) .

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  • Matt says:

    Red Invasion is as fun and great as advertised! Milkstone keeps pumping out fun game after fun game and it never ceases to amaze me! And still only a dollar? I hope Microsoft snatches you up and gets you on board for their next-gen console.

  • HomiSite says:

    I am at the end of Campaign/World 1, so a bit feedback:

    – Overall I like it, although there are dozens of Tower Defense games out there. The setting with tanks etc. isn’t fancy, but because of it the player doesn’t need to learn obscure fantasy units :-). I guess the main unique feature is the need to place the money-making Energy towers and also harvest them manually.

    – The presentation is nice, a good and clean style. I use the alternative camera perspective,; it gives you more overview and feels more direct in control. The scolling could be a bit faster, but zooming in/out works good.

    – I was confused that the game called Red Invasio but you fight against blue enemies, but I think you invaded the country and these are the counter-attacks?

    – I like the level/level-up indicators on the towers.

    – I like the star system. I had quite some problems with level 5, but I didn’t skip it and finally beat it.


    1.) The mission briefing AKA the secondary goals should be visible via Pause menu (or maybe always in the GUI).

    2.) It is a bit confusing that airplanes are fading out when they were shot down. As this happened near my base, I thought they had reach my base.

    3.) Is it a balancing thing that you can’t stack the extras, so you have to use the one extra in your inventory until you can collect another one?

    4.) Maybe some awards?

    5.) Is the amount of money for the secondary goals your cash or are all my towers sold automatically after a victory and the revenues added to the cash?

    6.) When building new towers, especially the Energy one, it would be cool if the accumulative range of all built towers are shown (as said: at least for the Energy towers).

    7.) If you lose your internet connection while playing a mission, the game shouldn’t return to the main menu! Let us continue playing or make some checkpoint system to continue later when XBL connection is online (or at least pause the game).

  • NinjaMan says:

    Hey my friend and I are big fans and downloaded all your games!

    The latest game Red Invasion is just what we expected (tight, addictive gameplay, and we dont even like tower defense games). And the Red Alert inspired theme was a great choice.

    Another thing we love about your studio is the post-release support you show your games. We hope you do the same with this. I agree with most of HomiSite’s suggestions (especially awards). Would make the game even better.

    And Homi, every xbox indie game returns you to the dashboard when your go offline. Indie games require an online connection at all times (this is Micro$oft’s fault).

  • Evesy says:

    Looks like an awesome game; will probably pick it up whenever I go on my Xbox.

    Would love to see a PC release of this game, something for the future?

  • WaaghMan says:

    Thanks for your impressions!

    * Yeah, you are invading other countries and they are counter-attacks. The mission briefings show that.

    1) You’re right, there’s no way to check the secondary objectives after the game has started. Maybe we should add an option in the pause menu.

    2) About the planes: I understand, it was done that way for the sake of simplicity (of development).

    3) Extras stacking: You can consider it a balancing thing. We also save some interface complexity that could really get in your way.

    4) Maybe 🙂

    5) Only your cash. We’re planning to remove the ability to sell turrets when the round is nearing its completion to avoid that “dirty” trick ;).

    6) Added to the wishlist for the next update.

    7) Mmm, strange behavior. The game only returns to main menu if your profile is signed off. That shouldn’t happen just because you lose your internet connection.

  • WaaghMan says:

    We have some PC releases planned, but I’m not sure if Red Invasion will be included among them. The control scheme doesn’t really fit for a PC/Keyboard, and there’s a huge amount of tower defense games available for Pc.

  • WaaghMan says:

    Great to hear, thanks!