Raventhorne 1.1 released

Raventhorne 1.1 was released this Saturday. The changes featured in this patch are:

  • Reduced enemy health to 75% of their previous value
  • Reduced enemy shock resistance (damage they can take before they are knocked off) to 60% of their previous value
  • Magic bar increases 200% faster
  • Tweaked many game variables to make the game easier
  • Added a difficulty setting (previously saved games are treated as normal difficulty).
  • Stamina replenishes faster
  • Enemies move slightly less (so connecting combos is easier)
  • Added enemy life bars (can be disabled on settings)

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  • HomiSite says:

    Looks like a massive “nerf” :-). I just played the first two, three levels (on hard) and it seems easier. Although I don’t know if it’s just my experience from the first playthrough (and of course the few enemies). I don’t know if I’ll find the motivation to play on to test the big battles with much air units in the later levels…

  • MrHabbman says:

    This is a good Update 🙂