Avatar Ninja! 2 submitted for Peer Review

Avatar Ninja! 2 has been submitted for Peer Review, if everything goes smoothly it should be available for download next week.

We’ve been working hard on the sequel of our most successful game to date. Here are some of the key changes and improvements compared to Avatar Ninja!

  • Improved P2P Highscores:
    During the last year, we’ve been improving the performance and features of our P2P score sharing system. There should be no noticeable hiccups while you’re sharing scores with other players.
    We’ve also added a new feature for this game: Now you’ll be able to filter through daily, weekly, monthly and all time top scores!
  • More & better landscapes:
    While playing, you’ll be going through different scenarios. No more getting bored of seeing always the same background!
  • Friendly Avatars:
    You’re not alone in this training! During your game you’ll see some people running as well… maybe you know them?
  • New Hazards & Ninja Moves:
    Aside from the usual Jump-Duck-Throw shuriken actions, we’ve added two more actions: Slide (Press B Twice) & Double Jump (Press X twice). Of course, there are new hazards that will require you to use these powers…
  • Ninja spells:
    You now have the ability to cast a ninja spell from time to time (you’ll know when because you’ll have a special aura). There are two spells at your disposal: One will increase your combo multiplier, while the other will help you recover your health a bit. It’s up to you to decide what to use at each time!
  • Ninja Shop:
    Your task is harder this time, but don’t fear! You’ll be able to improve your abilities and purchase some improvements at the ninja shop! You’ll be a hero in no time!

Of course, there are lot of additional improvements and changes, but these are the ones I believe are the most important.

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  • HomiSite says:

    Do you still have to hit a run button nonstop?

  • Soy1Bonus says:

    Yes, but you can buy upgrades so that you don’t have to do it that much. There is also a “magic spell” that allows to recharge fully the rhythm bar.

    So that part of the gameplay is less of a hassle.

  • WaaghMan says:

    Another important feature is that we’ve reduced the benefits of having a controller with autofire setting, so you won’t be able to survive forever if you have one.

  • VashTheHoly says:

    You guys should really make another racing game . A game where you a track maker and this time make it a top down rally game . 😉 I mean wasn’t Little races your best selling game ?