Infinity Danger 1.1 update

After having gathered the feedback by users, we’ve been working on an update for Infinity Danger that fixes the most common issues found.

  • Increased area size by 30% approximatedly
  • Decreased player ship collision box size by 50%
  • Added a red border so players can clearly see the arena limits
  • Decreased a bit the needle and ballistic weapons effectiveness.
  • Decreased laser beam opacity when it’s still charging.
  • Increased a bit game performance on higher levels.
  • If a slow frame rate is detected, the game speed is reduced a bit.
  • Piece destructions don’t push the enemy to the borders as much as before.
  • When the enemy is in the border of the arena, it will try to move to the center.

It will take some time for the patch to be available, expect at least one week from now.

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  • Malkamar says:

    Oh thank goodness, just the border alone makes me so much more able to play this game without error. I really like the idea of things but sometimes the reasons for the weapon selection elude me. Why sometimes when I get to wave 11 without any deaths it picks a billion lasers, others shotgun? Also the way it picks which thing to level confuses me a little. I shoot the back it picks Mobility, sure. I shoot the side, it levels Shot, I shoot the front Turret. What am I missing? How does one get armor? Is my rough understanding wrong? I’m not completely terrible at the game by any means I just don’t fully grasp the selection methods outside of my deaths.

    Gamertag: Malkamar

  • Soy1Bonus says:

    The evolution is not exactly like Warning Forever. Here, basically you can shoot at the front, at the back and it also checks if you shoot an armor piece or a turret. There’s no shooting at the side here.