Avatar Bump! v1.1 update submitted for peer review

This update includes the following changes:

  • UI: Added a delay on some screens (Score boards, Versus game configuration, Mode instructions) to ensure they are read before any player accidentaly presses A.
  • UI: Added a Purchase button on the game pause menu.
  • UI: Changed the way the user selects a custom pot. Instead of using the two axis of the Left stick, all the variations can be selected with left-right.
  • BUGFIX: The Earthquake power up pushes in all directions instead of only to the upper right corner
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a grammar error in the Trial mode message
  • GRAPHICS: Made power ups a bit brighter to ensure the icon can be seen on dark backgrounds
  • GRAPHICS: Made darker backgrounds a bit brighter, also reduced a bit the tint effect.
  • GRAPHICS: Added 10+ customization variations.
  • GRAPHICS: On Bomb mode, a marker is shown to make it easier to check who has the bomb.
  • GAMEPLAY: Reduced a bit Arcade mode difficulty, AI pots agressiveness increases 50% slower, and they don’t do power dashes on the instant the player gets back to the arena after dying.
  • GAMEPLAY: Changed spawn positions of players and power ups, so players are on the corners and power ups on the sides. This way, each player start position will coincide with the corner shown on his gamepad.
  • GAMEPLAY: On Catcher mode, reduced the penalization for falling (You lose now 1 point instead of halven the score)

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