Avatar Bump! Update features

Now the game has just hit the virtual shelves, we have some things planned for a future update, along with some bugfixes that were reported.

  • UI: Add a delay on some screens (Score boards, Versus game configuration, Mode instructions) to ensure they are read before any player accidentaly presses A.
  • UI: Show the instructions on the pause screen too.
  • BUGFIX: The Earthquake Power up only pushes players to the top right, it should be totally random
  • GRAPHICS: Make power ups a bit brighter to ensure the icon can be seen on dark backgrounds
  • GAMEPLAY: Change spawn positions of players and power ups, so players are on the corners and power ups on the sides. This way, each player start position will coincide with the corner shown on his gamepad.
  • GAMEPLAY: On Catcher mode, lessen the penalization for falling (now you lose 50% of your points)
  • NEW VERSUS MODE: Yet to be disclosed…
  • NEW VERSUS MODE: Yet to be disclosed…
  • GRAPHICS: Some extra customization variations.
  • NEW POT MODEL: Yet to be disclosed…

That’s the current list of changes we have in the works. If you have any suggestion or bug you want to report, just let us know by posting a comment here!

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