Changes on the MotorHEAT patch

We’re currently working on a patch for MotorHEAT, which addresses the P2P world rankings bug, and adds some improvements based on feedback.

Some of the changes that we’re including are the following:

  • Fixed World rankings not updating correctly
  • Now boost can be activated with gamepad buttons in addition to the right trigger
  • DPad only controls primary color on the car customization screen
  • Increased bonus items rotation speed so they can be spotted earlier.
  • Increased space on the high score list so high scores or long gamertags do not overlap.
  • Increased score obtained by passing cars around 350% (was too low compared to the bonus you get for remaining time when completing a level). This also improves the “Extra multiplier” bonus benefit.
  • Increased the score obtained from the “extra score” bonus item from 100,000 to 500,000 (so it’s more useful).
  • Improved the “extra boost” bonus: Now it gives you 4 full bars of boost. Now the boost effect is longer than the one obtained with the invincibility bonus (common sense).
  • Game starts with the boost bar filled (so the wait until first cars appear isn’t that long)
  • Game starts with an extra 15 seconds (so you can crash about 2 times on the first level instead of only 1).
  • The award “Heated” now allows 7 minutes to reach level 15, instead of 6.

All these changes are being done in an attempt to even the benefit of bonus items, and to ensure that people that risk when passing cars are rewarded properly. The scores obtained on this patched version will obviously be a little bit higher, since many things are giving more score now. We’re doing this to ensure that your old scores don’t need to be deleted, although you’ll be able to reach higher scores easily.

We’re still working on some extra changes, but these are the only ones related to gameplay and scores. Probably.

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  • Xboxer says:

    I am looking forward to get that patch…

    Best wishes