MotorHEAT Hints & Tips

Lots of people are having fun right now while playing MotorHEAT. We’d like to give you some tips to help you get higher scores and reach higher levels:

  • Don’t crash: Obvious but you can end up forgiving about safety and trying to get Expert scores all the time. Although the reward is good, losing 10 seconds is way worse. This leads us to the next tip:
  • Ideally, you should be all the time with boost enabled (and not crashing). To achieve this, you’ll have to risk and pass nearby cars, to fill your boost bar. Expert passes fill a lot more your boost bar than Good ones.
    You should avoid risking while your boost bar is full enough.
  • Control your boost: If you feel like you can’t react fast enough when using boost, remember that you can control the boost level with the right trigger: If you press it only at 50%, you’ll get half the bonus and it will last twice.
  • Always look forward: Be prepared to react to what is coming, and not to what you have already passed.
  • Take special care with white cars: White cars can change lanes at any time, and you won’t know which lane they will change to until they start to move. Trying to do an Expert pass to a white car is usually a bad idea.
  • Try to get all the bonus. These can usually be seen from a far distance, specially for the brighter colors. Also remember that bonus boxes are always rotating (The red box, invincibility).
  • Get the maximum potential of the bonus you get: Multiplier, Invincibility and Boost bonuses depend on you to get the maximum benefit:
    When getting extra multiplier you should be more careful to ensure you don’t crash and lose the multiplier.
    When getting invincibility, you should AIM for the crash, since it gives you an Expert score and fills up your boost bar. Take care when the powerup is ending.
    When getting boost, avoid cars for some time and just do a quick sprint.
  • You get additional points every time you reach a new level, based on the remaining time, so the better you do at first levels, the more time you’ll have left and the more points you’ll get.
  • On night and fog levels, be specially careful, you’ll have less time to react, so don’t risk that much.

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