Little Racers world ratings

We’ve taken a look at how is Little Racers rated in every country which Indie games are available:

  • Spain: #1, Rated 4.75
  • Japan: #6, Rated 3.75
  • Germany: #11, Rated 3.75
  • United States: #37 , Rated 3.5
  • Canada: #45, Rated 2.75
  • United Kingdom: #45, Rated 3.5
  • France: Not rated
  • Italy: Not rated
  • Sweden: Not rated
  • Singapore: Not rated

Thanks to everyone that has rated the game! We’re preparing a new update to fix some minor issues and remove version number from the splash screen since now updates are automatic and there’s no need.


  • ditman says:

    Congratulations for your top10s!

  • Eduardo Breda says:

    Congratulations. Is XBLA was supported in Brazil, I bet you’d be #1 here as well.

    Anyway, about that track editor…. I suppose we won’t be seeing it for LR1…. sigh….. I’d really like that…

    Anyway, please go ahead and charge us 200 points more for the track editor, I’d buy it in a heartbeat!!! Maybe in LR2?? Pleease?