Multiplayer issues detected in Little Racers

We have got feedback from some people, and experienced the problem ourselves too. In some cases, when trying to join an online game, it crashes to the dashboard with a “Code 4” error.

This error happens when the connection can not be established, we’re not sure yet about the reasons for this. Also it seems that accepting an invite when the game is still not loaded also causes a crash.

We’re working on a patch that should treat both errors aproppiatedly and show a message instead of crashing.We’ll try to determine the reason of the failed connections too.

Until the patch is issued, we recommend you to join a game via “Quick connect” instead of “Find Games” or accepting an invite. The quick connect option does not cause the crash, it just creates another session if you can’t connect to an existing one.

We want to thank everyone that is out there playing online, we’ve had lots of fun racing against you.

  • Soy1Bonus says:

    Thanks again to everyone playing online, it was a really nice experience!

    It’s nice to see our first game go online!