Little Racers Update v1.2 status

We’re currently working hard on the v1.2 update, trying to get it available to you in the least time possible. Some of the improvements that this update will bring have been already discussed here, and some of them have been discussed on our Twitter account.

Anyway, here’s a list of the most important improvements since v1.1 :

  • Online mode (Both System Link and Xbox LIVE)
    This is by far the most important one and also the most time consuming. There is still some work left to do, but we already have a full working version with lobby, championship mode, invites and kicks, host migration, in-game joining (although you’ll have to wait until the next race), etc. Also it has a fairly good anti-lag algorithm that, although not perfect, should be enough to ensure a smooth experience. Also we’ve done some adjustments to ensure fair play, for example cars not following the track path are transparent and can’t crash with other cars.
  • Dynamic obstacles in track borders
    We have designed dynamic obstacles(one that can be pushed and moved by crashing into it), represented by tires, that add some extra fun to tracks and avoids players to go off track when they slide too much. Almost all tracks have now these obstacles in open corners.
  • Freeze issues solved
    Many gamers have reported a freeze issue that happens often when playing for a while, specially if playing long races with many AI cars. It was due to a memory usage problem that has been located and fixed.
  • Car handling improved
    Many complaints have been related with handling difficulty: Cars are way too slidy and most players end crashing on their first turns. We’ve tuned some handling attributes to make the cars handling a grip a bit better, and now cars are slowed more when sliding. That makes an important difference and now the cars are easier to drive ( higher classes will require still a bit of practice )
  • Other minor improvements
    We’ve also added some extra effects, like intermitent vibration on pianos and outside the track, or the cloud system, and a good number of fixes and minor tweaks to the game menus, audio, etc.

When will the update be available? Our estimations are that the update should be available in about 3-4 weeks. Although almost all functionalities are finished now (The only ones that are still not finished are the online mode and many improvements in the menu system), we need to do a proper testing to ensure the game works flawlessly.

Meanwhile, we encourage you to rate our game in . You’ll need a Microsoft Passport account to do that.


  • Martin Caine says:

    I’m looking forward to the update, I have to say you’ve created a great game here and our own racing game will be in direct competition with yours when we release it later this year!