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  • crimson says:

    Waagh do you think you can remove some of the wall bounce back in the content patch the game is amazing but i dont know how viable running into walls and bouncing is in some instances i think turns can be taken 20-30% faster if a proper wall bounce is achieved.

    mostly on the square walled street like tracks. you can do v-bounces while barly having to turn. i dont wana mess up the game play or anything like that.

    another quick question is it possable to set lap reccords with auto catch up on or does it not record ur best laps with auto catch up on. keep up the good work cant wait to see the online play.

    -will there be 12 player lans?

    Another sugestion! if you could change your game over 2 pc you could potentally!

    -12 players off 1 computer via xbox controllers fun for kids and adults. (replaces slotcar tracks
    -multy monitor support for longer more complex tracks while maintaining the same track scale(projectors on the roof pointing down at a floor would work inplace of monitors to remove the bezzle.
    -higher resolution’s for more car detale could have a car painter and people could save there cars on usb devices.
    -local tournaments

    i really think your game could replace slotcars! think about how much more controll you get in a 2d world then a simple track.

    anyways man keep up the good work

  • WaaghMan says:

    Thanks for your comment. The patch has been sent already to the review process so we can’t add more content by now.

    About the wall bounce, although possible on some points, I find it too random to be useful as a cornering technique. Anyway, lot of people has complained about cars slowing down too much on crashes, so sadly it will stay this way.

    With handicap mode enabled, lap records are still saved. That’s not an issue since handicap only can slow the car, not improve their capabilities.

    Yes, there will be 12 players LAN if you manage to get 3 xboxes together (4 players per machine).

    About your suggestions, Little Racers isn’t planned to be distributed on Pc. Anyway, the max number of Xbox pads connected is still limited to 4 on computers. Anyway, although all these ideas sound good, they would require a budget we only can dream of :(.

  • crimson says:

    i think alot can be done to little racers to pretty much keep it timeless its already a classic with my friends and family i cant even imagine how meny more people will get into it once they can play friends online.

    so you are forsure going to start a new project if you haven’t already started one? if so id be more then happy to help you trouble shoot or throw some ideas or concerns at you. also as for the future of little racers or any type of hybrid pc version i may be able to help with ur budget. steam has a nice digital distribution platform to get some good returns. as mainstream as xbox live is and what not there are so meny community games at the moment you have to almost know what your looking for.

  • WaaghMan says:

    Thanks for your support. We’re currently starting the development of our next project, also targeted for XBLC. Our main concern now is that we’re doing this on our spare time and our budget is really limited. We’re using XBLC because the development and publish process is almost free. We do know of the steam platform, and we also think it’s currently the best game publishing platform on the Pc. And yes, if we ever made a Pc version of Little Racers, we’d try at least to contact Valve.

    Anyway, we’re currently focusing on XNA because the development on that framework is really fast, and we like the idea behind the XBLC system. If this and our future games are successful, then we could start trying to go big.

    If you really want to help us, the best way currently is to spread the word about Community Games in general. It seems almost nobody knows or nobody cares about the system, and it’s a shame because there’re many good games at really good prices.