Little Racers v1.1 available for download

Little Racers v1.1 is available for download. The changes from the first release are the following:

  • Fixed not-so-rare freeze crash (was due to badly managed memory usage).
  • Added 3 tracks (Pennyville,Valhalla,Snakepit) and modified one of the original ones (Ikena)
  • Added 6 new cars
  • Reduced demo limitations, now the only limitations are time and level number.
  • Added reverse, now cars can go backwards
  • Added more tips and quotes to the loading screen.
  • Improved ingame HUD a bit
  • Added an option to repeat the last race (except for championship mode)
  • Added a button to go back to the last safe point of the track (if you get lost)

Since the Community Games updates aren’t automatic yet, you’ll have to redownload the game for the changes to apply. You can do it from the Xbox Live Marketplace
The V1.2 version, which should include online multiplayer, is being developed right now. Thanks for your support and interest.

  • Eduardo says:

    Thanks, you guys are very talented. I’ve already added the new version to my queue list, do I have to manuaaly delete the old one?

    Anyway, thanks for the update. Now looking forward to the online mode. Congrats!!

  • WaaghMan says:

    If I remember well yes, you’ll have to delete the old version manually. To be sure you’re running the correct one, the new version has an “V1.1” text on the Little Racers title Splash Screen.

    Your lap records and settings should stay available though.

  • Bodyc says:

    Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!

  • Eduardo says:

    Thank you guys. I downloaded the latest version yesterday and runs perfectly. Nice new tracks too. Maybe you could add some small touches like an announcer saying “last lap” or “you won!”, just to make it more polished. For a future version, some more graphic detailed environments, maybe some spectators, make it a little bit more colorful. Maybe add some shadows for clouds, a part of the track could become dark to simulate a cloud high in the sky.
    The crashes could be a little bit more elaborated, maybe some parts detaching from the cars and dissapearing shortly after (no need for actual representation of damage, just some simple parts falling off the car just for fun).