IGN XNA Communal Shower

So IGN has “reviewed” Little Racers demo, and their conclusions are that the game is a Rip Off from Ironman Stewarts’ Off Road… well, I don’t really know where to start.

I could understand if they said it was a clone of Super Sprint, it’s obviously based on the game perspective and track layouts, but Off road? Come on, for god’s sake…

Apart from that, they scold the game for not having power-ups. I’ve told it many times, the game doesn’t have power-ups because it’s a RACING game. I do not recall Need for speed, Colin Mc rae, GRID, etc. having any kind of power-ups during race. This is no Mario Kart. Why should LR have them?

They obviously started the game hoping it was Super Sprint, and were disappointed when they found it wasn’t, but anyway they attacked us for being based on its layout.

If you think the game is similar, I encourage you to play Super Sprint again, you’ll probably change your opinion.

  • Yayo says:

    haha… They should wear glassessssss!!

  • XBL: Armadillo Punk says:

    I bought the full game because I just can’t get enough of the ghost races. I love Little Racers because after a few practice laps you can pull off massive drifts. All IGN does is bitch and moan about downloadable games. I think people should play demos of the games and not listen to IGN’s idiotic reviewers.

  • TranceRaverJay says:

    Yeah IGN have got it all wrong again but that doesnt Surprise me either, i like this game and have seen so many like it on the p.c over the years so comparing it would be like comparing thousands of others alike, sprint racer was the 1st to start it all off & this brings back memories of it, so imo its good to see something similar on XBL

  • Martin Caine says:

    I agree, IGN seem to be reviewing these games with a pre-determined opinion that all XBLCG games suck. Most of their reviews I’ve seen so far just point out how similar the games are to ones that have come before, but it’s a racing game.. it’s going to be similar in style to alot of other racing games.

    What IGN seem to completely ignore is this: How many other games on XBLCG look or play like Little Racers? It’s currently the best game in the Racing category, and they don’t seem to care about that fact.

  • crimson says:

    i dont agree with ign’s review the game is definitly worth the 5$ price tag and with online and a few more options id pay at least 12$ for this game here are my views good and bad.

    The good
    -4 player competetive party fun.
    -A true racing game in every sense of the word
    -Lots of depth and variety in diffrent class cars
    -Great ai 99% of the time.
    -Some of the music is cool
    -well polished and profesional

    The Ugly
    -game should be a 12$ title and have some more options and content 🙁
    -when an ingame track is finished i get a lag spike
    -i had a crash a few times havent had it ina whil

    -online race team ladders (with ghost mode optional for no contact)
    -more tracks
    -an option to lock all the same cars
    -have a pro/realism mode where the cars feel heavier and more accurate and cars have health can only take so much damage from crashing.
    -an ingame car painter that saves to your profile.
    -a deathmatch/team battle mode for fun with friends who arnt all that serious into racing.

  • Aaron says:

    crimson is dumb