Little Racers Original Soundtrack

In the few days that have passed since Little Racers is on the store, some people has asked us about its soundtrack. So we’ve packed it up with some nice cover art and here it is:

Download Little Racers Soundtrack

Hope you like it as much as we do!

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  • crimson says:

    AMAZING game please keep updateing it or put out a little racers 2 with offroad rc style cars.

    im getting a crash error that has happned 2x with in my first hour of play please fix it you’re game is amazing reguardless though keep up the good work.

  • hamsal says:

    hey milkstone, very nice game. Can we have some tutorials on the car physics like drifting, that would be really cool.

    Ive searched a little for a drifting tutorial but can’t seem to find any and besides the drifting in your game is ace.

  • Soy1Bonus says:

    We’re already working on fixing some problems, but it would help us a lot if you described the situation where the game crashed. And if you actually know how to crash the game, step-by-step, that would be even better.

    We’re glad that you like it 🙂

  • Eduardo says:

    Like Crimson, my console freezes after 2 complete races. It happened when player single championship mode and it happened again in a 2 player race with 5 cpu racers.

    My console freezes completely, only way out is turning it off manually (even the guide button does not respond).

    Anyway, congratulation on the amazing game, best XNA game yet IMO. The only XNA game I bought so far. Keep it coming!!! Maybe an offroad version with jumps (ala Super Off Road), or something in the veins of Danny Sullivan’s Indy Heat (, with pit stops, upgradable cars and turbo gauge.

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