Gathering feedback for next update for Little Racers: Online mode

After some days available, we’ve received some feedback from users regarding what can be improved to make Little Racers a better game.

The main suggestion we’ve got is an online mode. During the development of the product, we decided to focus on the local multiplayer mode to ensure a good final product quality, since networking is a difficult and lengthy task.

Now that the game is out, we’ve decided to focus on the development of the online mode. Our estimations are that this online mode will be available around May.

The update will include other improvements suggested by users:

  • More fast and open tracks
  • Enable a button to show your position in race over your own car
  • Option to quickly restart a race after it has finished (only non-championship modes)
  • Enable a button to go back to track if we get confused and don’t know where to go.
  • Other minor improvements.

Remember that when the update is available, the game will NOT update automatically, you’ll have to redownload it (if you purchased the game, you won’t have to pay for it again, don’t worry).

  • Brenes says:

    Will we receive a message or some warning about future updates? In the XBOX interface, I mean…

    Congratulations for the game!

  • WaaghMan says:

    Sorry but not, the Community Games system does not provide an automatic update system yet, so you’ll have to redownload it again from the marketplace when the update is available.

    You can subscribe to our RSS to be notified when the patch is available. Also the description of the game in the Marketplace will change with the version number on the next update.

  • Eduardo says:

    More oval tracks, like Daytona, with bended turns.