Games i’m currently playing

Although lately i’m finding myself busier than usual, I still try to enjoy as much as I can my free time with videogames.

Here are some games that I’ve been playing these days:

  • Counter-Strike Source: Although a bit old today, there are still plenty of players and servers to play on. I find myself this game a really good choice to burn stress, and in my humble opinion, it has the best network code ever made for a game.
  • Conan: I bought this game not too much ago, and I found the game more enjoying that I though it would be. The combo system is varied and fun, combined with 3 different weapon styles. It could have more kinds of enemies, but anyway is a fun game.
  • Midnight Club Los Angeles: Another gem that suprised me for good. Much better than nowadays Need for Speed games, MC is a very fast street race arcade with good-looking visuals, good difficulty level and really fun. If you like racing games I totally recommend this one.
  • Miner Dig Deep: In this community game you take the role of a miner with the objective of going deeper and deeper into the soil to gather minerals, and sell them at the local shop to earn money that enables you to purchase better equipment, that makes it easier to goo even deeper, etc. The game is fun and it looks very polished. If i had to tell one bad thing about it, it would be that when you get to very deep stages, you still have to go down from the base after selling items, and it can take some minutes even using the fastest elevators. There are teleporters, but they are used only to teleport back to base, not in the other way. Anyway, I recommend buying it, for only 200MP it’s really a good choice.

I still have a list of pending games with more than 7 titles on it, I’m starting to get a little stressed about it. It seems I need more spare time to relax a bit :).

  • Martin Caine says:

    I still play CSS whenever I get chance, it’s just fun to pick a random server and see how long it takes them to ban me. I get called a cheat so often now it’s ridiculous, CSS players really don’t like to lose!

    I also like Midnight Club too but at the moment I’m having fun playing the more arcade-styled Juiced 2. I’ve been playing a lot of racing games lately while working on our own racing game for XBLCG.