Little Racers

In LR you can race against other players (up to 4 local, 12 online players are supported) or against the AI, in one of the more than 20 tracks available. There are more than 40 cars available, divided in 8 classes based on their performance.


The game offers 4 game modes:

  • Quick race lets you race straight away in a random track with random cars.
  • Custom race you can set which track you want to race on, number of laps, choose your car and AI level, etc.
  • Championship mode you can take part in a series of races, getting points for your position at the end of each race. The player with the most points at the end of the season will be the champion!
  • Multiplayer mode lets you play against up to 11 other players over Xbox LIVE or System Link.

Other game features:

  • Custom soundtrack
  • High quality HD visuals
  • Stunning skidmarks on track
  • Challenging AI
  • Handicap mode to help novice players
  • Track records, divided by car class
  • Ghost lap recording, useful for training
  • Full Xbox interface integration


Little Racers features 13 ingame songs and 2 menu background songs:

  • Ten dollars – The nunchaks
  • Charleville Mézières – The nunchaks
  • Cuz I Luv U, Loozer – The nunchaks
  • I won’t let you die virgin – Lith Ah
  • Fine Day To Be A Humanoid – DeathBoy
  • Machinegun – DeathBoy
  • Vs. Mind Con – Speedsound
  • Pure Dream – Speedsound
  • Imagination – Speedsound
  • 2 Menu songs & 4 racing songs – Miguel Herrero

Download the full soundtrack


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